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Tips and Tricks for Building an Energy Efficient Home

Our knowledgeable custom house builders Adelaide can help you create a top of the range, energy efficient home. Trends in home building are continually changing to satisfy the need for more sustainable options. One of our main tips for optimising your energy efficiency is investing in good quality insulation. Insulation is responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature within the home, preventing the use of additional temperature control. Another more obvious solution is installing solar panels. It might be a bit of a financial stretch at the time, but the revenue turnaround is worth it! Lastly, it’s wise to strategically place your windows and doors. Lighting, ventilation, solar radiation, and heating all cost money to run manually. It’s recommended that you place doors on either side of the home and add large windows to the south of your space. For more home advice, call our custom house builders!

Increasing Your Resale Value

Our custom builders in Adelaide will advise you on the best ways to dramatically increase the prospects of your home.

  1. Start with the cosmetics: To begin the process of upgrading your home, begin by patching up all the holes, dents, and marks on your walls. A fresh coat of light-coloured paint will open up the space and revive the freshness!
  2. Fork out for the kitchen and bathroom: If there’s two areas worth spending big, it’s the kitchen and bathroom. Because they’re both such functional spaces, a lot of new home owners aren’t willing to wait around for renovations.
  3. Upgrade doors and windows: Your front door and windows are the first thing you notice when approaching a house. If they’re old or damaged, people might take this as a representation of the whole property.

Our custom house builders provide all the guidance you need!

The Benefits of Working with VY Built

VY Built is a tight-knit team of qualified custom house builders Adelaide who have a strong team dynamic, and mature skill. We pride ourselves on our fantastic reputation, which developed from our personalised service. It’s not just about coming out with a finished product, it’s about bringing your vision to life. We want everything we build to showcase a level of quality that is unparalleled in the construction industry. A big part of our process is making sure you feel confident with every decision you put forward. We make frequent product recommendations and help you value engineer your home to create balance between function, and aesthetic. We do our best to provide sustainable building solutions that meet all of your lifestyle and comfort needs. For any information on our building services, call us on 0437 719 526 today! Our custom house builder Adelaide would be more than happy to chat.

Are you ready for an upgrade? Don’t keep holding off! Our custom house builders Adelaide will piece together your dream home. Our standard of workmanship and dedication to each project really sets us apart in our local community. For the most outstanding results attainable, call VY Built on 0437 719 526.

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