Home Extensions


Why Would You Need a Home Extension?

There are many reasons why people extend their homes nowadays.

Younger couples wanting to minimise their mortgage may have bought a small house as their first home, but then found it necessary to extend when kids arrived.  Also, as the population ages and retirement housing costs skyrocket, it is becoming more common for the family home to include grandparents.

And with more younger people undertaking full-time tertiary study, some kids are living at home longer before finding employment and “flying the coop”.  Before they leave home some kids are buying cars, so accommodation might be needed for an additional car, be it just a carport or a fully enclosed lock-up garage.  Teenage kids and tertiary students alike tend to need more living space than when they were younger.  For example a small nook, or at the very least a large desk, are virtually essential to house the never ending inventory of desktop computers and gaming platforms.  Or growing teenagers may want a rumpus or games room where they can make a noise without disturbing the rest of the household, and they may need a small shed to keep the weather off their bikes.

With growing families, parents may just need a retreat to get away from the rest of the household to escape the ear drum-challenging musical tastes of the younger generation.

Traditionally the kitchen was a place for the preparation of meals and the inevitable cleanup afterward.  When guests arrived for dinner the kitchen was where the hosts isolated themselves in a small room while preparing their culinary delights.  But trends are changing – these days kitchens are increasingly being seen as a home extensions Adelaide of the entertainment area.  It is becoming common for the kitchen and dining area to merge, with nothing to segregate them apart from perhaps a large stylish serving bench.  This allows the previously detached chef to enjoy the company of the guests.

Some people have large wine collections which outgrow the kitchen cupboard.  Wine racks can encroach on the lounge room which may need to be extended.  For connoisseurs with a large wine inventory, a special wine storage room might even be justified.

Gone are the days when people had to visit the local gym to become trim and fit.  Home gyms and exercise bikes now mean that people can exercise in the comfort and safety of their home, and home gyms can take up a lot of room.

There is more outdoor living these days.  People are making the most of lovely summer weather and creating an outdoor entertainment area, perhaps under a sun roof, comprising a barbeque, comfortable chairs and maybe even a bar and outdoor kitchen.

With changing participation rates in the employment sector many people these days are setting up businesses in their own home.  Hair dressers, accountants, IT consultants, health therapists, psychologists and beauty consultants are excellent examples.  Home-based business invariably need one or two rooms in the house to operate.

With power prices skyrocketing it is becoming increasingly sensible to cap electricity bills by installing solar panels .  While a reduction in energy bills is unlikely to be the driving force behind a home extension Adelaide, it is nevertheless something that should be considered.  Enlarging a home invariably means extending the roof line, resulting in an increase in roof coverage area.  Since solar panels require vacant roof area, it would seem like an obvious opportunity to consider installing solar panels.  The panels should be placed on the roof to maximise their exposure to the sun, however this may not be possible depending on the orientation of the new roof.  If it is possible to mount solar panels, imagine the savings on your power bills.  Think about it – the savings may even help pay for the solar panels.