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So the inside of your house now feels like a home, but what about the outside? We are transforming the way that homeowners view their outdoors by designing areas that are fit for entertainment and for personal pleasure. The weather shouldn’t restrict you to hosting in just one space of your home, you should have the luxury and the flexibility to always choose the outdoors regardless of the season, and with Vybuilt you can.

Building an outdoor living space that extends from your dining or kitchen area can truly breathe life back into a backyard that was once underwhelming or underutilised. Often do we meet homeowners who have intentions of upgrading their outdoors, but restrict themselves due to time, budget or just simply having to make a decision. But developing a space that is designed and constructed specifically for you means that you hold an integral role within the project, and will work with experienced custom builders who have been creating quality bespoke external spaces for years.

Our outdoor entertainment design capabilities hold no limits. We want to maximise the potential of your space by designing an area that capitalises on the greatest assets of your home, rather than it look and feel like a complete afterthought. Our team will work to understand your outdoor area, taking into consideration factors like natural sunlight, surrounding rooms and external privacy so that your project enhances the best features, and promotes optimum, yet practical and logical function.

Our experience building outdoor living areas extends beyond the standard pergola; they are an incredible artform that boasts quality and style. The integration of traditional building methods with contemporary design features has always facilitated an outcome that exceeds client expectation. From outdoor kitchens and bars, to decking’s, patios and al fresco areas, learn to enjoy life more in the outdoors.


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